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I've started Alpha Testing of the full Aurora Agent with Cobalt Strike beacon hunter and LSASS dumper detection modules on my private systems

It feels great to control and design all aspects of a new product

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I made a small PoC. cs-mitm. py is a mitmproxy script that intercepts Cobalt Strike traffic, decrypts it and injects its own commands. In this video, a malicious beacon is terminated by sending it an exit command. The beacon uses one of the leaked private keys.

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Do you use a password manager? If not, how come?

Retweets appreciated!

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If you can't afford security you can't afford a data breach.

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My contribution to Excel fiction:

We add AI to Excel.

One day it fills a spreadsheet with random colors.

You zoom out.

It is a copy of a picture of yourself.

You try to exit Excel.

Before you quit, it asks you: "Do you want to keep the last item you copied?"

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BREAKING: malspam links can since yesterday link to an Universal App installer hosted on @azure@twitter.com imposing as an Adobe Update that drops E4 payload. This is the same initial attack vector as used a few weeks ago, even using the same @SectigoHQ@twitter.com cert.

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Ups, achso das ist ja eine Werbung, na dann

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Über 200 Millionen Menschen in Europa sind Mitglieder von aktiven Facebook-Gruppen.

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