TIL: systemctl list-dependencies <unit-name> [--reverse]

Did I mention systemd is pretty damn neat?

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Just an alligator with watermelon, nothing to see here, move along

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My queer bubble is not strong enough: It took me eight months to learn about youtube.com/watch?v=0aZPJBjutY

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ich möchte ja nicht behaupten, dass es in meiner dachgeschosswohnung zu heiß ist, aber hier haben gerade 2 hobbits einen ring reingeworfen.

Remake von de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amadeus_ mit Jason Statham als Mozart?

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Alter, bei so offizieller Windowssoftware vom Hersteller weißte manchmal echt nicht ob das deren ernst ist oder du dich doch in der URL vertan und zu irgendeinem Scamtrojaner oder so gegriffen hast... Das ist ja übel...

bandwhich ist einfach ein großartiges Stück Software.

It's just so much popcorn, my stomach will hurt for a week straight... minimum...


via @judge

Falls jemand gute Laune braucht:


(bisschen den Lautstärkepegel runterdrehen, ist ein bisschen laut gepegelt)

Je mehr ich darüber nachdenke, desto sinnvoller erscheint mir das neue Payment-Feature. Mal schauen was da noch daraus wird.

again for people using Desktop on Linux:

Just as a heads-up:
3.24.27-4 fixes the aforementioned problem by reverting the change in the gtk3-package for now, so updating is unproblematic again for now (if your mirror is not out of sync, so give it a day or two, and keep a look on the version number), freeing time for a hopefully more fundamental fix. :)

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People using Desktop on Linux:

avoid updating (or roll back) gtk3 for the moment (and ideally pin the unproblematic 3.24.27-2), apparently it causes database corruptions with signal-desktop.

Probably won't take long until a fix, but for the moment things seem to be a bit shaky on that ship.


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When you setup Kubernetes to host your personal blog

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Pareto-optimal compression

Everyone wants good compression. But what exactly *is* good compression? Time for a closer look.


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Hey beings, I build a little rofi-run-replacement/program-launcher for Wayland and its called kickoff.

The code is available on GitHub and it already has been pushed to the AUR. If you have any suggestions on how to improve structure and readability of the code I would very much welcome you to shoot me a message since Rust is still pretty new to me :D


On the note of pandoc-bin: a proposal how to clean up superfluous/leftover packages on your Arch Linux (or other pacman-based distros), in case someone finds it useful. :)


if you use feeds to subscribe somwhere, which type do you prefer?

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