Eventually, I got around to do the writeup for the power consumption measurements for SATA disks. I have to say, I was actually quite impressed by the results, didn't think the impact would be so significant. So if you want more battery life for free, I might have a recommendation for you...


A little teaser for something upcoming (no, not the power consumption measurements)...

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Now also with an additional mode medium_power in the measurement, to better judge the impact of Device Initiated Power Management.

Hey there, I'm currently collecting data on the power consumption of SATA-SSDs and how to configure them to lengthen battery life. Help for broadening the dataset (as the number of SSDs I own is fairly limited) to get some more general findings/put the findings on a more grounded foundation would be greatly appreciated!

(Blogpost with the results will follow, of course.)

More details here:

Is there a way in Mastodon to have a federated timeline with just selected instances? My idea is to have something between the local timeline and the current federated timeline.

I'm being curious right now, what filesystem do you use for your primary laptop/workstation/personal computer?

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RT @nowthisnews@twitter.com

Fox News tried coming after Denmark's social safety net. This Danish politician's retort was legendary.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/nowthisnews/status

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B612 is an open-source font developed by Airbus. It's the result of a research project to define and validate an “Aeronautical Font” to improve display of information on the cockpit screens, in particular in terms of legibility and comfort of reading. b612-font.com/

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Die Bildredaktion bei @heiseonline@twitter.com beweist heute wieder vorzüglichen Humor :-)

insanity.industries/post/simpl with the working eduroam-profile in there.

To at least get you out of the clutches of this wpa_supplicant. ;)

Ich find Busfahrer ja immer wieder beeindruckend. Hier manövriert grad einer in einer Straße, wo normalerweise so schon grad so mit Ach und Krach zwei Busse nebeneinander passen seinen eigenen Gelenkbus rückwärts um den anderen Gelenkbus drumrum, weil die sonst nicht durch die Baustelle kommen...
Zwischen geparkten Autos und Häusern und so...

Does anyone know a solution for Android (without dependency on GPlay-Services) that can do
"on each $event copy file X to remote location Y via $method"?

X := local file on phone (e.g. local app backup file)
$event := timer runs out or connecting to $wifinetwork or sth.
$method := webdav, sftp, ...

I want to regularly backup file X from my phone to somewhere where my phone can die and I still have a sufficiently recent version of X.

If so, shoot me a line please! Thanks! :)

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So, Slides für Samstag fertig, wenn jemand eigene Infrastruktur betreibt und da noch kein Monitoring hat ggf. interessant:


Been a while, but for the people waiting for it: I have just finished the blogpost about random MAC addresses for more privacy:


Hope it's useful. :)

PSA: iwd ab 0.18 killt alle wifi-interfaces und baut neue, außer man schaltet das in der Config ab (reasoning gibbet hier: iwd.wiki.kernel.org/interface_)

Hatte nicht erwartet, dass sie das jetzt schon weit sind das einzubauen, deswegen hat mich das grad überrascht, nur falls sich jemand, der iwd nutzt, da wundert. (Die Namen kann man im Moment noch nicht ändern, das ist grad offenbar in der Mache, also wer sein WLAN-Device manuell benennt, will noch die config-option in /etc/iwd/main.conf setzen.)

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Wer von euch noch nie ein Produktivsystem geschossen hat, der werfe den ersten Stein nach

Also wenn Tobias Sammet eins kann, dann ist es Musik schreiben…

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