Does anyone know a solution for Android (without dependency on GPlay-Services) that can do
"on each $event copy file X to remote location Y via $method"?

X := local file on phone (e.g. local app backup file)
$event := timer runs out or connecting to $wifinetwork or sth.
$method := webdav, sftp, ...

I want to regularly backup file X from my phone to somewhere where my phone can die and I still have a sufficiently recent version of X.

If so, shoot me a line please! Thanks! :)

@cherti I am using the Auto Upload utility from the NextCloud App for Uploading the Signal Backups.
Maybe the App "Easer" from F-Droid can help you, if NextCloud isn't an option...

@chaosdaten thanks for the proposals! Unfortunately I don't use Nextcloud and I was utterly defeated by Easer... quite an ironic name...^^

@cherti I use syncthing to automatically sync when my mobile phone and laptop are in the same wireless. Works nicely.

@vollkorn ok, I had thought about syncthing, but it seemed much overkill vor what I wanted to achieve. But it seems to be the most viable solution indeed, thanks for the recommendation! :)

@cherti @vollkorn +1 for syncthing. Takes only ten minutes to configure and has a rather pleasant UX.

@cherti @vollkorn I could recommend FolderSync (Pro), I use it to regularly sync from Seafile to Android (via WebDav). Also supports SFTP, SMB/CIFS/S3 and a bunch of more or less popular cloud services. It doesn't sync "on event" though, but per schedule, plus conditions (every hour, but only on WIFI...)

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