You know git bisect? have you ever encountered a regression in firefox and thought "hm, I could bisect that now, but phuuu…"

well, mozregression does that for you and pulls precompiled snapshots from Mozilla's servers instead of compiling locally without you having to jump through all the hoops required to build a supertanker that modern browsers are.

pip3 install --user mozregression
MY_BLUBB_ENV=1 mozregression --good 99 --bad 100

I love all of it. 😍


@ilyess Just bugreports, I'm not remotely familiar enough with the codebase to meaningfully contribute acutal code (and I currently don't have the time to get into it), but when I report a regression, I try to make that as smooth as possible for the devs to fix the issue, so when I can I at least try to pin down the changeset/commit so that the devs don't have to do too much guesswork on what the underlying problem is.

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