that feeling when you accidentially just try a keybind from mpv in VLC via muscle memory and it just works… 🤯

@cherti mpv is vim without vimtutor and therefore unusable, change my mind uwu


@chumii nah, it's fine, works well enough for me, that's all I need. :)

@cherti I wish I could figure out how it works, maybe it would be something for me as well then 🙃

but yeah, it's great if it works for you, no need to change !

@lis @chumii the docs are actually pretty great. And yes, if I want to do something, assuming mpv is capable of that and searching for that function and how it's called in mpv and then look up the keybind does work pretty well. The ones I use regularly I actally remember at some point. 😄

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