chiborg boosted Zu dem ganzen Lieferkettenkram möchte ich mal darauf hinweisen, dass wir hier gerade sehen, was "Der Markt regelt das" heißt.Diese ganze weltweite Apokalypse gerade? Das ist der Markt, der das regelt.Die Leute denken beim Markt immer an die Situation mit Angebotsüberschuss und ausreichend gesunder Konkurrenz.Der Markt sorgt aber auch dafür, wenn es Knappheit gibt, dass Spekulanten die normalen Menschen aus dem Markt rauspreisen.Wenn die FDP also mal wieder wa...

chiborg boosted Setzt euch mal stabil hin. Der Leserbrief hier hat mir gerade echt die Schuhe ausgezogen. Achtung, harter Tobak.ich arbeite bei einem internationalen Logistikkonzern mit mehreren tausend LKWs und kann hier vielleicht einen Bogen zu den Einwürfen spannen, dass manche hier Probleme haben überhaupt Speditionsdienstleistungen (LKWs) beanspruchen zu können.Mein Arbeitgeber ist ziemlich tief in der Kontraktlogistik, wir machen für Firmen z.b. die komplette Lagerhal...

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Gesundheit, frage, lohnarbeit, boosts okay 

Wo will eins in Berlin mit Verdacht auf Bandscheibenvorfall hin gehen?

Ich kann seit Tagen vor schmerzen kaum einschlafen und die Symptome passen.

Außerdem hat mir als ich 18 war eine betriebsärztin gesagt, dass ich wegen meines Jobs (extrem unergonomischer Arbeitsplatz und den Vorgesetzten war’s egal) vermutlich mit Mitte 20 damit rechnen kann und das kommt zeitlich leider auch ganz gut hin.

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Saw someone say that dial-up wasn't "usable".

The modern web is the one that is unusable. You open a blank website and it has 478 trackers and runs some javascript heavier than Windows XP.

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Today’s card is The Hermit, with her laptop of wisdom to guide her as she turns inward, away from the world.

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> the concept of file folders and directories, essential to previous generations’ understanding of computers, is gibberish to many modern students

I remember a similar panic about command line vs GUI applications when I was younger

Nothing to see here

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rant on neurodiversity 

Neurodiversity isn't about "you're not broken, just different", it's about recognition and acceptance. You wouldn't tell someone in a wheelchair that nothing's wrong with them. As a ND person, I constantly butt my head against unfair social expectations, but I also struggle with real problems that have nothing to do with that.

No one expects the physically impaired to do what they can't do, we recognize their limitations and offer them help where possible and necessary, both as individuals and as a society.

Neurodiverse people deserve the same treatment. We need you, the neurotypical, to stop making a joke of our condition and telling us that it doesn't exist, that we don't belong. We need you to stop yelling at us for being late or forgetting things. We need you to stop expecting the impossible in social settings. We need you to reach out and help when you can. We need you to stop gatekeeping the only goddamn treatment options we have. With the right social structures, we could actually live normal lives, it's just the definition of "normal" that needs to change.

Neurodiversity is ultimately a good thing. The memory of a person with ADHD or ASD works very differently from a neurotypical. Creativity, ability to think outside the box, hyperfocus, curiosity, obsessive thirst for knowledge are all assets. But we can only use them if you accept us, and help us not be useless and a danger to ourselves.

tl;dr: stop saying nd people aren't broken, that's not the point

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Hi, kann mir jemand Queer-freundliche Arbeitgeber im Bereich der Anwendungsentwicklung in Karlsruhe - oder wenn 100% remote möglich ist deutschlandweit - empfehlen?

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Das Thema Impfen ist mir extrem wichtig. Leider haben noch immer viele Menschen Bedenken gegen eine Impfung gegen SARS-CoV2. Daher habe ich einen langen Text geschrieben in dem ich viel erkläre und versuche über die verbreitetsten Mythen aufzuklären. Bitte lass dich impfen!

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Countries that meet the requirements of the 2016 Paris Agreement

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RT @maxim_seehagen
Exklusive Einblicke in die neuen CDU-Plakate für die finale Wahlkampfphase!

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dad said i'd get assaulted if i wore nail polish, so far i've only had compliments, from a couple of older ladies who were very excited to talk about polishes and nail strengtheners, and also from a quiet uncertain chap who asked if it was common among young lads, and wished he could too.

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OH: "Ich finde -y zum entgendern von Worten ja total super. Dann sagst du statt Arbeitgeber_innen oder Arbeitgeber und Arbeitgeberinnen einfach Ausbeutys."

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ageism and ableism 

listening to leftie podcast and it just casually remarks that teenagers can't be trusted with decisions cos their brains are not fully-formed. it still shocks me how casually people I trust will mobilise the same pseudoscience rhetoric used by racists and gender reactionaries.

"yeah but studies show that teenagers don't have a developed sense of consequences" you know who else doesn't have a developed sense of consequences? adhd folk. for brain reasons, we're starved for dopamine and can't project time well, we can only really connect to the present moment (some of the diagnostic criteria for adhd include "getting a drug addiction", "having a crime sheet", "attraction to extreme sports" and "traffic fines").

I'm 37, which means I have lived independently for 20 years. I took a lot of risks in these 20 years (and before too, when parents weren't looking, but you know). I was taking significant risks *yesterday*. If you live a whole life attracted to risk-taking sometimes things go wrong, do you know how I feel when I have to deal with the consequences of my behaviour? Ask any teenager, big grin, "worth it". I wouldn't live any other way.

Now, I'm a parent too (I've been a parent for a long time (I took some risks)), so I can tell you the secret, the real reason why parents rationalise coercion: We don't get the rewards, only the downsides. If my kid wants to do boxing I get worried out of my mind about the risk of brain damage, yet I myself enjoy boxing, for the same reasons they do. But when they do it I don't get the experience, I don't get the thrill of finding an opening in someone's guard and fitting in a hook. When they do it I only get the worry. My kid should be throughly informed of the risks and protective measures and alternatives, but if in the end they want to do it, I don't have a right to stop them any more than a worried girlfriend has to coerce what I do, and if you believe I can be free, ask yourself, why do you think that doesn't apply to teenagers?

Unless you're advocating that neurodiv folk like me should be constrained too, for our own good, in which case I'll call some teenagers and riot. Be careful, we have a defective sense of consequences.

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Was eine Geschichte. Absolute Leseempfehlung:
Wie ein 60 Jahre altes Missverständnis Covid noch gefährlicher machte – Republik

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Python: Do you have dictionaries?
Lua: We have tables, they're like dictionaries.
Python: What about lists?
Lua: Those are also tables.
Python: Tables for lists? What about objects?
Lua: Those are tables too.
Python: Ah, but how do you define the classes for objects?
Lua: You're a very clever language, but it's tables all the way down!

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"Tavern Crawler" is a lovely, free choice-based text adventure with RPG elements. It starts with a seemingly straightforward quest to slay a dragon that is terrorizing a village - but all is not what it seems. And there are lots of side quests and little touches that make the world and characters come alive.

Worth checking out:

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Das #lucaapp-Desaster der vergangenen Monate zusammengefasst in 30 Minuten.

Oder in kurz:
- hat nie funktioniert
- hat nie geholfen
- wird kaum genutzt
- Smudo und co sind seit Wochen nicht erreichbar (vermutlich liegen sie in Madagaskar unter den Palmen, finanziert mit unseren Steuergeldern)

- APP einfach löschen, bringt eh nix
- um CWA-Nutzung bitten, ist weniger Verwaltungsaufwand
- notfalls Handzettel ausfüllen

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