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kid: "I don't know everything is just so, so nice, and clean, it's hard to explain and..."
me: "the word you're looking for is 'wealthy'."

(I can see the gears clicking into her mind as everything falls into place:) "yeah, I guess... yes."

me: "ok so now that you're doing ok let's walk on this nice autumn weather in this beautiful park while mommy tells you about the history of European colonialism and German in particular, about why the cars here feel so familiar and what Volkswagen did in Brazil and Deutschebahn is doing in Mexico, about country debt and where all that gold and sugar and coffee went to and the long night of 500 years... and then you'll understand better why there is this difference you've noticed between an Indian or Latin American dentist office vs. an European one, and why this wave of fascism is all based on building walls..."

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I feel seen:

Programming’s Greatest Mistakes - Mark Rendle - NDC Copenhagen 2022

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union exec meeting, covid mention 

“I have to tell you I’m not feeling well - but it’s OK, I’ve been testing relentlessly and it’s not Covid”

My comrade in Marx, perhaps you might consider that we don’t want your cold either?

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Auf der einen seite hat die stadt rund um diese wohnanlage blühwiesen angelegt und baumstämme hingelegt, für insekten. Auf der anderen seite mäht die hausverwaltung die (nicht wenigen) rasenflächen zwischen den häusern einmal die woche, jedes kleine fitzelchen. :funkus_facepalm:

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FYI liebe Gesetzlich Versicherte:

"Bestellung des ePA-2.0-Upgrades

Das ePA-2.0-Upgrade können Sie ab sofort zum Preis von 378,15 € (450 € brutto) über unser Online-Formular bestellen. Der Einmalpreis wird Ihnen zu 100 % von Ihrer KV erstattet. Ihnen entstehen somit keinerlei Mehrkosten."

Jede Praxis. Aus Eurer Tasche. Über den Umweg unserer (Behandler*innen) Taschen, für ganz viele Einzeltransaktionen. Weil Markt ist gut.

Ich selbst hab bisher noch nicht 1 einzige Karte mit ePA eingelesen.

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Me: what do dolphins study?
Kid: :blobcatgooglyshrug:
Me: eeee-cology

Me: and what do whales study?
Kid: hm… I don’t know, but they study at a wuuuuuu-niversity

… that. That’s so much better than mine.

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Google has done more to tarnish their reputation with Stadia than the myriad of times they shut down other products. With Stadia they didn't just dupe the users but also companies that were true-believers in Google's product. Google will have an even harder time convincing folks that they're not just Lucy Van Pelt and that they'll keep that football down long enough for Charlie Brown to kick it.

I doubt any smart company will trust Google again. I know I wouldn't.

(Note: Not a call for Google bashing or the myriad ways that Google has screwed other folks in better or different ways. Also not a call for folks to quantify how cloud streaming will destroy the environment. Apparently someone has a keyword search for Stadia and a beef with cloud services. Hoping they'll remove Stadia from their keyword searches. Shine on, you magnificent bastard.)

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"Trustless" systems are like "serverless" platforms: Trust is still required but pushed out of sight and forgotten until it disappears or fails catastrophically.

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Shanty :boost_requested: 

Kann mir wer sagen, welche die früheste Aufnahme vom "Hamborger Veermaster" ist?

Das kann ja wohl kaum die (nur bedingt texttreue) Version von Freddy Quinn aus dem Jahr 1961 sein.

Ich meinte mich aus meiner Jugend zu erinnern, dass es eine frühere (texttreue) Aufnahme gibt, aber im Internet finde ich nichts. :blobcatwhat:

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At Ingewikkeld we have some availability soon. If you're looking for some extra help, the developer that will be available has experience with (amongst other things) Laravel, Yii and Symfony. Get in touch:

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The "incomplete distribution" architecture of the Fediverse, in a sense, makes the filter bubble even worse than centralized social sites. A while ago, I saw a discussion thread on how increased speech suppression in China is driving some users to Fedi. One poster replied that he almost never saw any Fedi user from China despite using it for years, and found the claim hard to believable.

Meanwhile it's a matter of fact that the number of active users from China currently exceeds 20,000 on Fedi. And this community already has diverse interests for its small size. You can't find most of them at's index and probably have never ever saw them in your timeline, but there are several large general-purpose sites, spin-off communities from pre-existing domestic social sites, and also small instances for niche topics and personal uses. Some examples of the smaller sites out there: a VA-11 Hall-A themed instance, an instance for Legend of the Galactic Heroes fans, and I know at least 3 different LGBTQ+ instances (I bet there are more, unknown to me).

As long as there's no interaction between instances (many don't even want interactions), for practical purposes they don't exist. No user profile is fetched, no hashtag is shared, no post is processed. The takeaway message is, there are multiple independent galaxies in the Fediverse, many are lightyears away and not connected by hyperspace transport. Every instance has its own event horizon. Don't assume the Fediverse from your own instance's point-of-view is complete and representative.

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I used to say "my friends are on Facebook", but I was wrong. *They* aren't on the platform- their wake is.

What we leave as data on a social network isn't ourselves. It's something we have shed- remnants of a point in time that has necessarily passed us. We imprinted some of our data on it- nothing more.

Same is true here. *We* do not exist in the fediverse- it's just our data forming a wake behind *us in the real world*.

But here, that wake isn't being exploited. And that feels better to me.

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Murmelmensch #Reimdingsi

Die holde Frühjahrsmüdigkeit hielt uns bis Mai gefangen.
Der Sommer war dann viel zu heiß, wir ha'm nur abgehangen.
Im Herbst sind wir nach diesem Streß ermattet angekommen.
Bald folgt jetzt auch der Winterschlaf, ich bin schon ganz benommen.

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Heute haben sich @Die_Gruenen endgültig von 1,5°C verabschiedet. Der Abriss von ist unnötig & wird das globale Leid der Klimakrise weiter verschärfen. Wir werden dabei nicht zugucken! Die Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegung wird die Räumung zum Desaster machen.
RT @AlleDoerfer
Robert Habeck & @MonaNeubaur haben eben mit RWE verkündet, dass sie abreißen wollen und dafür 280 Mio t Kohle im Boden bleiben.…

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"Recently, Stacey Milbern brought up the concept of “crip doulas”—other disabled people who help bring you into disability community or into a different kind of disability than you may have experienced before. The more seasoned disabled person who comes and sits with your new crip self and lets you know the hacks you might need, holds space for your feelings, and shares the community’s stories. She mentioned that it’s telling that there’s not even a word for this in mainstream English. We wondered together: How would it change people’s experiences of disability and their fear of becoming disabled if this were a word, and a way of being? What if this was a rite of passage, a form of emotional labor folks knew of—this space of helping people transition? I have done this with hundreds of people. What if this is something we could all do for each other? How would our movements change? Our lives? Our beliefs about what we can do?"

-- "Care Work", page 113

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well since we all agree that a coworker is someone who orks cows, it’s obvious that a manager ages men, right

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