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Ꮯhristian Ꮲietsch 🍑 @chpietsch

I just found out that by default, sells user data to anyone without anonymizing it, regardless of visibility settings. is owned by .

You can opt out in the privacy settings, but this is something that should be allowed only after opt-in.

@chpietsch this was a good reminder to delete my linkedin account.


That forces conscious folks to deliberately put mis information on their LinkedIn profiles... Or just delete the entire thing... Which is counter intuitive to job searching... :( Time for competition #socalledCapitalists #fearcompetition.

@chpietsch @vascorsd That is agains the law. Do file a complaint at your privacy authority.

@AstaMcCarthy @vascorsd I heard there is a research exemption LinkedIn can use as a loophole.