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Ꮯhristian Ꮲietsch 🍑 @chpietsch

If you're using Google's reCAPTCHA on your website, please consider replacing it.

– reCAPTCHA spies on your users and turns them into Google slaves to train an AI algorithm.

– reCAPTCHA denies access to all Tor users.

There are alternatives. See here: pad.foebud.org/google-alternat

Can't believe some people solve them on purpose for making the google ai better.

@chpietsch it used to work in torbrowser even with js off, but typical Google, once they got credit for doing the right thing they started doing the wrong one...


It sometimes lets me through on Tor, but I have to do about 5x as many captchas as normal people.

Notes from a Tor meeting:
'Public pressure about exactly how bad this
situation is will be the only thing that will move the needle in terms
of them devoting resources to the problem. … This is a
company that is basically the primary/only gateway to much of the
Internet, and it has decided that certain IP addresses *do not deserve
access to that Internet*. Full stop. This is not a problem that gets
solved by having our devs talk to their devs to "nerd harder".'