Does anyone know what kind of device this might be? I think my local police department set them up and I'm trying to map them and find out more information

who the heck knew there were so many kinds of apples

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I have no idea why #Facebook thinks there is a street network in the middle of this lake

Last year I was able to compost 120kg (260lbs) of food scraps via bicycle in NYC. I'm hoping next year to have even more 🚲

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A #mastodon exclusive! You are invited to play on a *REAL* PDP-8/e running the TSS/8 monitor (TimeSharing System 8) pictured here. There is a user contributed tutorial here:

To connect, ssh

If you are unable to connect that means all 6 (yes, just 6) lines are in use. Remember, this is real hardware and there is NO EMULATION happening. It is the real deal! Enjoy!

#retro #fun #computing

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I'm continually impressed with how much good, new cryptography the Signal community keeps researching and developing to ensure that services can know as little about their users as possible

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"Today, at 15:35 UTC+1 on 25 November 2019, we made our final /22 IPv4 allocation from the last remaining addresses in our available pool. We have now run out of IPv4 addresses." 🎉

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I2P needs more reseed servers. The more reliable reseeds we have, the easier and faster it is for new routers to bootstrap into the network.
A list of resources for anyone who would like to help:




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I really appreciate how little Wikipedia's UI has changed over the years. 2019 Wikipedia is nearly identical to 2009 Wikipedia, but with better content

bi-thon and tri-thon instead of python2 and python3

I reviews a resume at work that lists Minecraft Admin as a skill. Minecraft is turning zoomers in to sysadmins

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The things people carry on their bikes in Amsterdam never cease to amaze me. In just 15 minutes at this cafe I've seen people carrying: a guitar, children, a rug, grocery bags, a suitcase, two large dogs, a bouquet, four cases of wine. I love how absolutely normal it is too.

If Americans really want the US to be ran like a corporation it's time to Cancel the suburbs

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"HTTP/3 in curl" is a two hour tour into HTTP/3, QUIC, how to build curl to use it, how to tell curl to use it and a quickie on how the code for it is setup. Enjoy:

Today when I was dropping off my the guy at the facility offered me some free veggies. I never thought I'd eat food grown in garbage from a dock in .

Every car should have to pay a tax of 120% the going rate of a monthly public transit pass

It's really cool seeing systems engineers and Unix admins cited in Pixar films

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