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uspol, police unions 

burn the god damned police unions to the fucking ground

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Just remembering the leaked doc where the FBI was complaining that the struggles of infiltration are that all the leftists live together and are constantly reading theory and using technical language so in order to blend in they have to actually read Kropotkin, Crimethinc, Marx, Lenin, Chomsky, And More~ which either radicalizes their infiltrators or requires them to seriously do a lot of research and play the Long Game which can be very demoralizing when it turns out they don't do shit anyway

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US Police Corruption 

A lot of non US people won't know about this, but there is a system of cards that police unions hand out throughout the US. The cards are called, "PBA Cards". They're intended for police to hand to family members and friends so that they can present the card at traffic stops. The police unions claim they're not a pass for breaking the law, but in practice that's all they are.

The police, and many Americans, don't understand how this is a problem.

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thinking about how the LAPD has a bigger annual budget than the north korean military

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It appears that zoom distributes several LGPL libraries in its Debian installer - I doubt they (could) have obtained an exemption from the authors (libfaac1, libmpg123, libquazip, libturbojpeg, maybe libicu*). No licence file, or source offer anywhere to be seen.

My clandestine urban is finally heating up!

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Hello fediverse,
this is an attempt to create a presence of #Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) within the your beloved federated network.

read more about it in this post:

(Tails is a live operating system that aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity.)

😺 :tor: 😍
#tor #foss #privacy #journalism #activism #humanrights

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The 9.5a11 alpha version of @torproject's browser ships with support for announcing your Onion site from your regular website via the "Onion-Location" HTTP header. For Nginx users: `add_header Onion-Location x.onion$request_uri;` and you're done.

Just upgraded my I2P reseed server to a new host. It should be more stable and more frequently updated now 😎

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Thanks to a basic design flaw, I had to get a part printed to repair my vacuum. I wonder how many people threw away their vacuums because of this bad design 😭

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Double check that your fire extinguisher has not expired


Someone put up these cute signs along my block in Hudson County, New Jersey

I can finally dodge the weekend question during work and admit I spent all weekend inside

"the market" is blockchain for boomers

One of my hobbies in Hudson County is to watch cars run reds on JFK

Does anyone know what kind of device this might be? I think my local police department set them up and I'm trying to map them and find out more information

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