@antifuchs Tomayto, tomahto, what really matters if is this turns into Themis Files scenario, which would be peak 2020.

@stevelord My former flatmate and I had a different word for "freegan": opportunivore.

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Educative article on . Should ppl reject credit cards regardless of good credit history or bad? I think so! Why should people of support looting of the less disciplined/educated? moneylife.in/article/credit-ca

@fribbledom I’ll get mine in a few days. Stocks here in Thailand are low too, but apparently so is demand (same with the RTX 30[789]0 btw).

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📦 Just released: 🌟 Glow 1.2, which features fuzzy filtering. Just press / to find your fave markdowns.

Get the update from your favorite package manager, or download a binary from the releases page:


Like 2020, but as a person: British father bitten by deadly snake while battling coronavirus in India...after contracting malaria and dengue fever


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TIL that adding a second user to an Android device will cause that device to _reinstall_ all the default shovelware you might have removed from the device, nosy-by-default permissions and all.


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