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This day shall be remembered as Boogaloo Day in the annals of The Republic of Gilead.

Just changed my Bangkok license plates to Surat Thani ones, officially บ้านนอก now. 😂

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sec4dev, a security conference & bootcamp for developers is going all virtual for the next event:

I miss in-person events, but it's great to be able to attend events like this from far away.

Found some time for day 3 today. Still in Raku, this time with OOP because I wanted to learn about it in Raku.

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Check out the QEMU advent calendar: an amazing disk image to download every day!

Advent of Code spoiler 

I never have enough time to solve more than a handful of puzzles during , but I like doing it in languages I barely know. This year I chose Raku, previously know as Perl 6. Day 1, with the numbers in list @l:

[*] @l.combinations(2).first({$_[0] + $_[1] == 2020})

This deal was brought to you by JS: "undefined of data for only $NaN per month"

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