If the US had a modern payment system a lot of Blockchain nonsense would have never seen the light of day.

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Most of Europe and 56 countries already have real-time payments. The Bank of Tanzania rolled out real-time payments in under four years.

And somehow FedNow has been delayed for 12 years now. The United States is very behind the rest of the world.

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Such a no-brainer but still a good reminder from time to time:
„Hating ourselves is the easy bit. Learning to give ourselves a break is the true, rare and properly adult achievement.“
(from „What They Forgot to Teach You at School“ by @theschooloflife@twitter.com)

Airports are like… do you want to never run out of salt and pepper for the rest of your life?

The best TL;DR of what is.
By @laura at her talk "Web3 - creating problems where we need solutions" (vimeo.com/677162808)

City train, bald guy with big headphones. A punk, also wearing big headphones, gets in and sits down across from him.

Two mins later: Bald Guy takes off his headphones, looks at Punk. Punk takes off headphones, too.

Bald Guy, somewhat shy: “Am I looking too nazi-ish?“
Punk: “What?!“
BG: “Am I looking too nazi-ish? The bald head, the boots. You would know, right?“
P examines B.
P: “Nah. Nothing I can see that would raise a flag.“
B: “Ah, that's good. Thanks man. 🤜“
P: “You got it. 🤛“


I recently learned that Shavasana is also called “Corpse Pose“.

Suddenly, instructions like “Take a final deep breath“ and “Come back into your body“ make a lot more sense. 😅

Another day, another PM at Google gets promoted by shuffling their product line around and causing confusion to users

Oh there are now official mobile Mastodon apps! Finally, was waiting so long for them 🙌

The plan was to pick up 1 book, I ended up with 7 after strolling through the library 😅

@edri@twitter.activitypub.actor published a paper how the @EU_Commission can prevent a digital dystopia of biometric systems where the powerful watch and the powerless are watched.

European Commission needs your opinion on – please take part in the consultation to support the voice of civil society for an ecosystem where fundamental rights are respected. Because you can be sure, lobbyists will get involved

Es ist so beschämend, während man es in Frankreich schafft Konzerne gegen Klimaauflagen zu retten, wird in Deutschland auch weiterhin zukünftigen Generationen die Verantwortung für Langzeitschäden von Konzernen zugeschoben.

Synchronisation von E-Mail-Accounts abschalten (Einstellungen > Passwörter & Accounts > Datenabgleich > Push deaktivieren > Abrufen: Manuell) und die Mail-App nicht mehr verwenden bis ein Patch vorliegt!


I never thought this would ever happen: My podcatcher queue is empty!! Small wonders of lockdown 🥳

"Wer gegen das argumentiert mit der Forderung, dass Leute für das Geld, das sie bekommen, gefälligst mal arbeiten sollen, kann das natürlich machen, sollte sich dann aber dringend auch für ein komplett umgekrempeltes Erbschaftsrecht einsetzen - außer, er möchte einfach direkt zugeben, dass es ihm um den Erhalt der Klassengegensätze geht."

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