Introducing Watson: a best-practices application template for elementary OS 6 (Odin)

Get up and running in under 60 seconds with your first elementary OS application (while adhering to the human interface guidelines, etc.)

#watson #elementaryOS

To see Watson in action, watch the introductory video I recorded today:

#watson #elementaryOS

Don’t care about making applications but like lovely wallpapers?

Well, you’re in luck because I commissioned one for Watson from the wonderfully talented @margodeweerdt

You can download three versions in 4K from

#watson #elementaryOS

I consider Watson as alpha as I’m very new to developing apps for elementary OS myself and I’d love some community feedback…

- What have I missed?
- What doesn’t work?
- What can be improved?

CC @danrabbit @cassidyjames

@aral @danrabbit @cassidyjames You've already messed up and ensured your project is dead beyond your personal interest by focusing so much on some obscure little Linux distribution with a special not-really-free license and a website that requires JavaScript where you can't even download "their" OS.

Market/describe it as a general "Linux development following Elementary UI Guidelines Starter Pack for Novices" or something similar and make sure that the default templates are desktop-independent.

@cjk @aral @danrabbit @cassidyjames face it, linux is <1% of the overall rapidly shrinking desktop market and whatever flavor distro you prefer is probably <0.01%.

you're better off targeting the "bigger" market when it's easy and it's tiny to begin with

somewhat related, I mostly use KDE programs on Xfce since they work on any desktop, they are powerful and they follow the desktop standards without being tied to KDE. I don't use a single one of those useless GNOME "apps" that break outside it

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