You know this day will be great if it begins with a compiler bug 🎉 (

It’s fascinating to see how Intel has one PR desaster after the other and still manages to earn record high revenues (

Note to myself: `UPDATE tbl SET foo = fun(id)` in a trigger is a bad idea 😜 (

I use AppSignal for monitoring my Elixir applications. Recently I switched my background job processing to Oban and wanted to be able to monitor my jobs with AppSignal.:

TIL: in Emacs you can persist the `helm-rg` result list with `M-b`. This opens a persistent buffer with the list of search results. (

My mail setup is somewhat odd: I use Emacs to read and write my mail. Since a few people have been asking I thought that I describe my setup in a blog post.:

Oh man, diese Telekom-Hetzner-Geschichte nervt. Tagsüber sauge ich meine Daten mit ca 10MB die Sekunden von meinem Server, Abends nur noch mit 100kb/s. 🤦‍♂️


Wow, what a strong talk by Aral Balkan ( at the European Parliament.

Today was may first race ever. 28km in 02:09:08, a pace of 04:34 per kilometer. I had a lot of fun 😍 (

„Musik mag keine Lösung sein, aber sie ist ein Dorn im Ohr“

„Guten Tag, ich hätte gern einen Termin“
„Kein Problem, Mitte nächsten Jahres wäre wieder etwas frei“

Unser Gesundheitssystem ist so kaputt…

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to use email as a second factor should be punished.:

Halfway to the second exercise for the chest and I am already feeling sore 😂 (

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