Not deleting your WhatsApp is the 2019 equivalent of telling the Nazis that your neighbors hide people in their basement.


@wildermann why do you think that - and how to switch all the noobs using Whatsapp?


A good start would be not calling them "noobs". You will notice that you'll have much better results getten your arguments across when you don't demean people outright.


@ck you are right, that’s a bit of negative framing. Let‘s call them average users - but the problem remains no matter how you call them.....

@ck @MrSchizo @wildermann
I think noob is fair. But I stopped calling them DAUs. Not only because there can literally only be one DAU, but it is kind of unfair to call someone stupid instead of what he is: A noob (In german I say Anfänger).

@allo @ck @MrSchizo "there can literally only be one DAU"

😂 😂 😂

@wildermann @ck @MrSchizo
Sorry if it got lost in translation, I just realized that english speakers often use DAU for daily active users.

DAU is a term which could roughly be translated as "most stupid user" and the acronym is intended to sound like GAU (worst case considered when planning the operation of a nuclear power plant).

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