Ich frage mich, ob diese VR Stakeholder und "Forschungsgruppen" auch mal Marktforschung betreiben. Ich wage mal zu bezweifeln, dass es an der platten Oberfläche liegt, dass alle Leute Zoom "weg-cmd-tabben". Aber was weiss denn ich schon.

Ok, so, here's all the math behind drag-and-throw, or scroll inertia, or kinetic movement, or whatever you wanna call it, with grid-snapping (basically what gsap Draggable or any of those libs do behind the scenes): desmos.com/calculator/pl1ptgym

Math geeks! I have a question. I have a 3rd degree polynomial. I want to tweak the function so that the open-downward parabola of the curve gets more narrow (see rough sketch), without changing the max at 0 and the min at 1. Can i do that? How? desmos.com/calculator/qjpqor6q

This should list my two vaccinations. Gone. This is the app you use to prove vax status, e.g. to be able to travel abroad.

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