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Guide: Wie enttarnt man geheime Außenstellen einer Bundesbehörde?
Lilith Wittmann machts vor.

P.S. danke an die Menschen in meiner Timeline, die das vorher geteilt haben.
Hätte gern RT, habs aber nicht mehr gefunden.


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Ich frage mich, ob diese VR Stakeholder und "Forschungsgruppen" auch mal Marktforschung betreiben. Ich wage mal zu bezweifeln, dass es an der platten Oberfläche liegt, dass alle Leute Zoom "weg-cmd-tabben". Aber was weiss denn ich schon.

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Ok, we give up. We found this under the main console of the fairy dust - these are apparently the lyrics of the score we managed to decode already. Can you decipher it? Pls RT and spread the word.
More details here:

Ok, so, here's all the math behind drag-and-throw, or scroll inertia, or kinetic movement, or whatever you wanna call it, with grid-snapping (basically what gsap Draggable or any of those libs do behind the scenes):

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Math geeks! I have a question. I have a 3rd degree polynomial. I want to tweak the function so that the open-downward parabola of the curve gets more narrow (see rough sketch), without changing the max at 0 and the min at 1. Can i do that? How?

This should list my two vaccinations. Gone. This is the app you use to prove vax status, e.g. to be able to travel abroad.

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Massive ransomware attack on the Brazilian public health system. All vaccination certs gone. Hackers ran away with 50TB of data. 🍿

If your flame chart is broken in Chrome Devtools' Performance panel, chances are that disabling "Timeline: WebGL-based flamechart" in Settings > Experiments fixes it (here: macOS 12.0.1, Chrome 96.0.4664.55)

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Browse the web as it appeared at any point in time, with era-appropriate browsers running in Mac OS and Windows emulators in your modern browser:

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