Apparently last night a fascist got thrown out of by the security team.

He posted this report about the incident:

What he does not mention: also serves the domains,,, and
(Source: )

If he had read the banner above the entry, he could have known that he is not welcome 🤷

@compl4xx this is absolutely not intended as a defense of vc's domain name choices and conduct at c3, but i do want to note that calling him an all-out fascist is probably a stretch without more unambiguous evidence to that effect. this kind of offensive "shitposting" is normal in certain image board communities (from which ultimately emerged) and doesn't necessarily indicate any tangible political views.

@Flisk his writing style speaks for itself and is a typical example for what Adorno called the authoritarian character, and researched in his concept of the F-scale. He uses too much dogwhistling not to be a fascist imho; I refer to the psychological concept of fascism here, not the political agenda.

A few quotes:


@Flisk "I should have been paying closer attention to the cancer that's been infecting this place for years." - whoever the fascist thinks an enemy of themselves is usually marked as a disease; this is tied into "Vernichtungsfantasien" of rotting out the disease once and for all.

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@Flisk Then there is also this post where he criticized cloudflare for not serving the daily stormer anymore:


"These obviously untrained women were LARPing as real security guards" - he obviously can't see women in positions of authority. While the concept of private security guards is questionable, he doesn't have a problem with that - it seems he was just pissed that he was kicked out by women.

@compl4xx i think this conversation isn't gonna yield a satisfying enough result to justify its length. i definitely see how you'd arrive at the conclusion that vc is a fascist, and i appreciate that you took the time to explain.

@Flisk "Sea-Watch, whose activities are described as charity by some, and human trafficking by others" - and to put some icing on the cake he *does* support some parts of the fascist agenda.

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