thinking back to the time i posted about the basics of authorship theory and a truckload of people lost their shit at me, completely in disbelief that a published writer might be critical of the concept of authorship

so many struggling artists minds have been destroyed by the parasitical worm of capitalism so that they think copyright is in any way good for them

adopting the mindset of our overlords, feeling the need to defend our "ownership" of stuff that will never earn us even half a living in our lifetimes. we sound like people saying "are you going to break into my house and steal my toothbrush as well"

"but what if somebody writes a story with your characters that does something you dont like" yeah lol i know, and what if people started chopping up bits of other peoples music and using it for their own songs. wouldnt that be crazy. music would be over

artists defending copyright are literally tenants defending landlords. except the concentration of intellectual property ownership is somehow even worse than housing

the people making money off of copyright aren't artists, they're disney's shareholders


@garfiald This so much. Copyright is such a burden to a free culture.... and the comparison to rent is so good.

Of all the things in capitalism which should go after another, rental capitalism is very high on my list.

Patents are probably the biggest fuckup of this whole copyright mess...

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