An interesting observation is how absurd misconceptions many people have about the .

The cops expected the protesters to burn down the area, so they justify use of force.

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Conservative tweets expect them to turn on each other as soon as they run out of food(?).

But for example it's quite unclear whether the protesters have guns or not; riot medics seem to be more important to them than weapons.

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A good opportunity to subvert expectations and be a positive example for change :)

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Though I hope the peaple there are ready to learn from Hong Kong and Chile, as soon as state violence increases: "be water, be humble".

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I wonder which wrong misconceptions we have in this case. e.g. whether the police will definitely try to make this experiment fail, or just let the people be or so. Or whether some fascist is desperate enough to show up and commit a terror attack; or whether this is more about keyboard warriors.

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