Dieser wirft schwerwiegende logistische Fragen auf. Mate kann man sich organisieren, Menschen kann man auch digital kennenlernen, Vorträge schaut man eh online nach.


DAFÜR gibt es nun schicke Sticker von den ​n!

The lovely @couchsofa mixcloud.com/couchsofa/stream/ and @DrLuke invited me to the party tomorrow evening @ 8 p.m. CET youtube.com/watch?v=rGWZDPJpGe

There will be base and fancy visuals, so get yourself conftable and enjoy the stream.

Since there won't be a @entropiagpn this year @VJPyree and I will be streaming some shady visuals and bouncy beats on friday 1st may at 20:00 (CET).

I'll probably also give a talk/workshop about harmonic mixing and music theory at the Haecksen Village.

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Looks like I'll be playing a funky Glitch-Hop/-Dub Set @3_headed_monkey at ~2130 on day 0 (Tue) and an Ambient/Chillout Set @c3lounge at 1400 on day 4 (Sat)

Hey, @Bobo_PK and @3D63 will you be at this year's GPN19 and would you like to play some music at GPN like last year?

It was pretty awesome and people loved it.
And would you like to do a collab again or play separately (or maybe even both)?

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