Hey, @Bobo_PK and @3D63 will you be at this year's GPN19 and would you like to play some music at GPN like last year?

It was pretty awesome and people loved it.
And would you like to do a collab again or play separately (or maybe even both)?

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@couchsofa @3D63 I would love to but I am on a roadtrip with my friends from middle school. I feel very very humbled that you ask. I play when ever the chaos calls and I have time. Tomorrow I'll drive 6hours to play at the Linuxtage Chemnitz just because @txt_file asked me during a chaosevent. So see you in Karl-Marx-Stadt :antifa: :fairydust: :anarchoheart2:

@Bobo_PK Oh You'll play at Linuxtage ? So bad I had to refuse the offer on my side, would have been a pleasure to meet you again and see you live !

@couchsofa I still don't know if I'll be at GPN this year... Travel's there is very difficult this year and I'm waiting an answer from another gig at the same time (but I'll tell you if I come back for sure... last year was awesome and I'm glad you've enjoyed our live collab! ^^). @Bobo_PK

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