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I'm currently recompiling the Linux kernel now with added /dev/ayylmao that outputs endless 69

This is why you should hire me

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Man, imagine if AI gained sentience and machines took over the world, enslaving us to work towards their goals, killing us with impunity, and terraforming the planet to be more suitable for their needs

What a crazy thought

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Democratic primary voters under 35 years old via new Quinnipiac poll:

Sanders 52%
Warren 17%
Biden 11%
Yang 7%
Gabbard 3%
Buttigieg 2%
Bloomberg 2%
Everyone else 1% or less

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has started moving AEM-7s for to test out! youtu.be/Pce7X6GuMTY

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Accidentally read the calorie content on the packaging of my cheese

trickle down doesn't result in rising tides

spiked apple cider and capitalism parade

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Day 141 at the Cabot Yard: I have earned the trust of the Red Line cars

They still don't know I'm an Orange Line train

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