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Ready, Steady, Touch! — Sensing Physical Contact with a Finger-Mounted IMU @ubicomp 2020

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economist explains why we need to reopen

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Immersive Light Field Video with a Layered Mesh Representation @siggraph 2020

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Zufällig gesehen: Erste Probefahrten des neuen Akkutriebzuges "IC 1.5V"

The SLS rocket motors that will help launch the first mission to the Moon have arrived at @NASAKennedy for stacking. WHAT’S NEXT >>

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Holy shit. @toholdaquill and I were wondering why Twitter exposes psyops operations from countries around the world, but not the UK or other Five Eyes countries.

It turns out a senior Twitter employee is a part-time officer in the UK army’s psyops unit.

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I think I should maek thred about cyberpunk and corporations, capitalism, socialism, etc... to my mind the biggest reason cyberpunk remains merely a lame aesthetic paint job to most is because of capitalist themes that viewers obsess over to the detriment of better themes

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