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There we go - Yesterday I released a open source tool for atlassian plugin development called pluploader!

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Im Zug Richtung mit zwischenstopp in Stuttgart. Wir sehen uns heute Abend!

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“API-Schnittstelle” ist wie “Linsen-Dal”

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Wie nennt man illegale Posts auf Mastodon? 


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OH: "The S in IAM stands for Simple".

omw checking for grades every day even though they will not be released for another two weeks

After WIFIonICE, when is WIFIonFIRE coming out?

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As a…
– Google Slides user
I want…
– padding defined in inches, with default text padding set to 0.34in and 0.49in
so that…
– nothing aligns with anything

I just went live on

Today's topic: Fabians magical kitchen - Gemüselasagne

Join me!

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writing clickbait titles for JIRA tickets

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Got some pretty exciting news for Beehive in the pipeline, but one thing the project is still missing is a new, cute logo 🐝

I know this is a long shot, but hey, if you feel like designing a logo for a fairly popular open source project, now's the time to shine! 🌟

> The [AWS] Lambda documentation, log messages, and console use the abbreviation MB (rather than MiB) to refer to 1024 KB.

Well that's not confusing at all 🙃

So you are telling me that there are two ORMs called GORM? Looks like naming things is hard.

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As JetBrains we condemn the attacks taking place. Our hearts are with the Ukrainian people, including our own colleagues and their families.

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