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Es ist wieder 3D-Druckerzeit.

Wir bauen diesmal: Einen Prusa MK3S+ OR einen Prusa Mini.

Für Einsteiger perfekt, in einem 2-tägigen Workshop.

11.+12. September 2021 nur in deinem OpenLab


Ein öffentliches GitHub-Profil kreuzt sich dann doch schon irgendwie mit der Aussage, dass man doch lerne.

Currently hacking on a @owncast firefox browser extension. 🤓
Although its looking quite ugly right now, its functional! Will continue development tomorrow. 💄 🚀

Spoiler: Advent Of Code

And another AoC Animation (Day 12):

Spoiler: Advent Of Code 

Today I tried visualising my AoC-Result (day 11, part 2) for the first time. I love it!

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Wait! Didn't you forget about something? Maybe a Confluence Task? Make sure this never happens again by installing our newly released version of Task Reminder for !


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Save the date!
Mehr Infos zu unserem Sommerfest am 26.09.2020 findet ihr unter:

I worked on this!
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Our submission "Lively Recorder for Confluence" was awarded with the second place in @Atlassian's hackathon !

Find out how you can create and share audio, video, and screen recordings in your pages in a matter of seconds here: livelyapps.com/blog/2020/07/li

I recently started to include images and memes into some of the pull requests at work to make my coworkers giggle while reading the description.

Today, I created a repo containing all of our linter config files from various projects. This was the image of the pull request:

E-Ink / E-Paper-Displays sind schon ne verdammt coole Sache!

Welche Infos fehlen eurer Meinung noch?

... Was hab ich geschaffen?

Sticker daraus machen - Ja/Nein?


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