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I am uncovering what seems to be a massive widespread malware attack on @github.

- Currently over 35k repositories are infected
- So far found in projects including: crypto, golang, python, js, bash, docker, k8s
- It is added to npm scripts, docker images and install docs

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node_modules when you start a new project.

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As a…
– Google Slides user
I want…
– padding defined in inches, with default text padding set to 0.34in and 0.49in
so that…
– nothing aligns with anything

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Das passiert mir echt dauernd. Da will ich ein mal einen coolen Wortwitz mit Käse twittern und dann schreibe ich "bisexuell" falsch.

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Did you know that a normal LED can also receive light? 🚨

It can! In this paper, we point a laser at build-in LEDs of offices devices and transmit data to their firmware. This covert communication can bridge 25m with a throughput of 128 kbps.

intellisec.de/pubs/2021-acsac. 1/3

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“So I notified the Dutch CERT that a Dutch ship was using a satellite router with a default password and that it was exposed to the internet. They notified me that the vulnerability was mitigated and asked for my address to send me a T-shirt.” linkedin.com/posts/shaiei_so-i

Ever wanted to track your ICE train in the command line? No?

Anyway, you can do it now!

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It is decided. Instead of internal wikis/confluence/etc, big business will now hire bards who wander from team to team to teach the lore.

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Ah, Feststelltaste … 💡

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Meet Fabian! 🤝 He joined our Scroll Exporter app team as a working student and will help us take our apps to the next level. 🤓
Welcome aboard Fabian, so glad you joined us! 🥳

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Es ist wieder 3D-Druckerzeit.

Wir bauen diesmal: Einen Prusa MK3S+ OR einen Prusa Mini.

Für Einsteiger perfekt, in einem 2-tägigen Workshop.

11.+12. September 2021 nur in deinem OpenLab


Ein öffentliches GitHub-Profil kreuzt sich dann doch schon irgendwie mit der Aussage, dass man doch lerne.

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