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Es ist wieder 3D-Druckerzeit.

Wir bauen diesmal: Einen Prusa MK3S+ OR einen Prusa Mini.

Für Einsteiger perfekt, in einem 2-tägigen Workshop.

11.+12. September 2021 nur in deinem OpenLab


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Wie schauts aus: Hat jemand für mich ne Couch und ne Dusche von Sonntag auf Montag in der Gegend? twitter.com/twena/status/14152

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Nvim 0.5 shipped today


- treesitter (syntax parser with powerful API)
- LSP client+API
- new core APIs
- new ergonomic Lua APIs

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"Pretty layers of encapsulation"

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Well, I guess that's what you do if you want your project to be seen ;)

Just released a new version of github.com/craftamap/bb, my command line tool for bitbucket cloud, just like the official gh tool for github. Now, the official issue tracker of bitbucket is supported, so you can create as many tickets as you want to ;)
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Warum heißt es “Umbau des Eingangsbereichs” und nicht Foyertransformation?

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Don't just say 'hi', or 'can I ask a quick question?' in chat, then wait for the other person to respond. Instead, say 'hi' and ask your question right away. It's a way to respect their time and attention. buff.ly/3o7frW5

thanks to languages like golang which enforce a dangling comma, I can't code in languages which strictly forbid them. (Looking at you, java 8...).


> Rein und raus in unter 5 Minuten. Ich glaube so schnell war ich noch nie.

Out of context Schenkl

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New month, new update🚀 for shoogle.net/ (in AT, CH, DE right now. Other countries will follow soon)
* Dark Mode 🌑
* Weather box ⛅️
* Group same location names on city page
* Remove IE11 support

@arjen thanks a lot! And wups, looks like i didn't make it into 2021 quite yet!

I wrote a blog post:
"How I built a browser extension in 2021 (using modern tools and libraries)"

check it out here:

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Awesome, @craftamap released his Owncast stream notification extension for Chromium-based browsers! It's a neat little add-on so you can get notified when streams that you care about go live.


Yeah, I hate the functional components, too, although I'm just getting started with them.

At my workplace we started using react thunk to at least clean up the code a bit.

@KopfKrieg Ich glaub, da haben wir grad aneinander vorbeikommuniziert :D Ich hab gerade prüfungsphase, prokrastiniere aber gerade, indem ich entwickle. Daher kann ich niemandem, der mir auf github folgt, wirklich weiß machen, dass ich wirklich lerne :)

Ein öffentliches GitHub-Profil kreuzt sich dann doch schon irgendwie mit der Aussage, dass man doch lerne.

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