@fribbledom tfw you use a image processing library rather than a image manipulation application

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I am uncovering what seems to be a massive widespread malware attack on @github.

- Currently over 35k repositories are infected
- So far found in projects including: crypto, golang, python, js, bash, docker, k8s
- It is added to npm scripts, docker images and install docs

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Linux 5.19 is out, and Linus Torvalds released it from an M2 MacBook Air running the Asahi Linux kernel! 🎉


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New release! 🎀 Gum: a tool for glamorous shell scripts. It provides highly configurable utilities to help you write useful and delightful scripts with just a few lines of code.


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I would never say that Go developers don't know *anything* about enums.

I would say though that they only have an iota of knowledge though.

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Nawww, ich hab das MCH2022 komplett verpennt. So wie ich eig. alles an Kongressen, was cool wäre, irgendwie immer komplett vergesse. Hmpf.

Sagt mal, gibt's da eig. eine Übersicht wann was ist? Der CCC ist ja immer nach Weihnachten, das Easterhegg irgendwann um Ostern.

Und sonst? Gibt ja noch viel mehr im Laufe des Jahres.

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But how? What kind of impressive code could deliver a 2-3x speed boost?

“Redesigned using native components.”

I’ve been building native apps for ~12 years now, all the time having folks try to tell me web-based technologies will beat native. They continue to be wrong. twitter.com/notionhq/status/15

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"Big Ben" is actually the bell in the tower. You're thinking of Big Ben's Monster.

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node_modules when you start a new project.

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The Olympics would be way more entertaining if the athlete used speedrunner aliases

"The 100m World Record, previously set by littleLad77, has ben broken by simpForWario"

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@xanderio ich mag traefik, aber ja

@midzer i guess it depends on the definition of every day project :D

But yes, if you work on a project alone w/o complex data structures, typescript is not really needed imo. On the other hand, having code completion on everything is quite nice.

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I finally followed my #Gitea account from Mastodon!!!

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I love getting asked dev questions over slack 🙃

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