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Near the launch of SLOBS, @streamlabs reached out to us about using the OBS name. We kindly asked them not to. They did so anyway and followed up by filing a trademark

We’ve tried to sort this out in private and they have been uncooperative at every turn

Neulich eine ergonomische Maus gekauft, und schwupps, nach zwei Wochen fühlt sich eine normale Maus "falsch" in der Hand an. Krass.

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“So I notified the Dutch CERT that a Dutch ship was using a satellite router with a default password and that it was exposed to the internet. They notified me that the vulnerability was mitigated and asked for my address to send me a T-shirt.”

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The next time you find yourself aboard a high-speed German ICE train oh boy does @craftamap have a Bubble Tea app for you

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My band Vela Ξ dropped our home recorded cover of Muse's Stockholm Syndrome yesterday.
Make sure to check it out! 🔥
#velaxi #muse #stockholmsyndrome

Ever wanted to track your ICE train in the command line? No?

Anyway, you can do it now!

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Wir wollen uns ja nicht in die Diskussion um die Legalisierung von Cannabis einmischen, aber wir nehmen ja gerne mal einen großen Zug.

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It is decided. Instead of internal wikis/confluence/etc, big business will now hire bards who wander from team to team to teach the lore.

I just published , a esbuild plugin to generate html files for specified entry points.

Is there anyone, who has experience with esbuild, and wants to try this out?

It's release time y'all!

Welcome pluploader v0.8.0, a simple plugin uploader for atlassian addons, now with Access Token/Cloud Licenses Support and a feature to detect if you have a newer version already installed!

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Ah, Feststelltaste … 💡

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Meet Fabian! 🤝 He joined our Scroll Exporter app team as a working student and will help us take our apps to the next level. 🤓
Welcome aboard Fabian, so glad you joined us! 🥳

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I've just released a new version of my tobii, containing:

* new features (events, attributes)
* style changes
* optimizations
* bugfixes
* ...and more

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Bavarian IT nerd humor: "(The linux tool) ncdu is called ncsu here."

It's release time! This new release of bb, my command line tool for @Bitbucket Cloud, adds the option to "sync" a pull request by either merging or rebasing it to the latest commit of the destination branch.

cc: @atlassiandev

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"I'm here, at the Black Mesa Research Facility, where we're about to do an experiment on this crystal, right here."

Trying out Nextcloud Cospend for the next week's - looks good so far :)

Notfall-Döner-Automat in DB Regio Zügen wann?

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