Sunset over a Scottish loch with a crescent moon.

I was lucky to capture the last remnants of the sun in the western sky, with reflections in the loch and the crescent moon in an ideal position.

#Highlands #Scotland #photo #photography #MastoArt

@fitheach - could be any Scottish loch, but I'll hazard a guess at Loch Maree..?


@matt that ist not Loch Maree. The Moon ist stand in the east in the morning and the main direktin for Loch Maree ist south to north. It must be a Loch form east to west direction @fitheach


Loch Maree is in fact NW/SE and the image is sunset not sunrise...

But, I am just hazarding a guess because I like to play with my part of the world. 😆

@crossgolf_rebel @matt
It is Loch Lòchaidh (Lochy) which sits in An Gleann Mòr (the Great Glen). It lies in a general south west to north east direction. When I took the photograph I was at the north east end. There is a hamlet there called Laggan, which has a set of canal locks, forming part of the Caledonian Canal.

Photographed using my smartphone.

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