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Wie kann ich einem Kanal eines Peertube Nutzers folgen? Ich finde leider nichts passendes weiß aber das das geht

Sorry, hab ich leider nicht. Bin selber noch am tüffteln.

@crossgolf_rebel I was able to find and follow my account using the search on MastoWeb. Fedilab wasn't able to find my peertube account -- even when I sent myself a DM mentioning my peertube account, that mention somehow got changed to my Mastodon account o.O ... and after finally being able to follow, Fedilab shows my peertube account as "pending" (while peertube shows a follow notification and MastoWeb shows a completed follow).
/cc @tom79 #fedilab

@anathem @crossgolf_rebel
If you make the same search with the same account, both results should be the same.
The pending is due to the API reply that sends pending by default for remote accounts.

@tom79 I agree that it should be the case, but it wasn't. I tried multiple times using all combinations of @'s, account name and instance hostname. That exactly is my reason to mention you...

Or could there be an instance config flag that makes the search results differ when used via API instead of web? o.O (asking my instance admin @thegcat)

/cc @crossgolf_rebel

@anathem @tom79 @crossgolf_rebel I'm absolutely not familiar with any of the APIs, sorry.

@anathem @crossgolf_rebel
If the search gives no results, that means the account is not federated.
There would be a trick to make it work by changing automatically in a url:

But for Pixelfed and Peertube instances the profile url is not the same. So I first need to check what social network is behind the domain name and then build the profile url depending of the previous result. It should work for all social networks.

@tom79 What's the definition of "federated"? "Already known to my instance" or "can federate in principle"?

Anyway, I can only report that searching repeatedly for "@anathem" via Fedilab using my masto account didn't yield any results. Then I searched for the same string in MastoWeb on my instance and got a result. Now I followed my peertube account and after that I was able to find my peertube account using Fedilab search.

@anathem @anathem
I added a feature that will automatically federate an account if it is not known by the instance. It will work for GNU, Pleroma, mastodon, pixelfed, and peertube.

@anathem I tested with your account and that worked.

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