Hey fediverse, do you know nice #Peertube instances that you can recommend? Mine is closing down soon and I'm looking for a place to move. I don't post much, mainly nerdy and Esperanto stuff. I'd prefer an instance that isn't swarmed by right wingers or conspiracy narratives.
Any recommendations?
#askfedi #askmastadon

@crossgolf_rebel An die hatte ich auch gedacht. Leider im Moment "registration temporarily closed". Hatte auch über @official_videocave nachgedacht. Aber da mein Content größtenteils auf Esperanto ist, bin ich da leider auch raus.

@hirnbloggade du kannst ja den Admin mal anschreiben und Fragen ob er dich mit aufnimmt.

@crossgolf_rebel Hast recht. Mehr als ein "Nein" kann mir ja nicht passieren...

@hirnbloggade denke ich auch und @milan habe ich als guten Admin kennen gelernt

@crossgolf_rebel @hirnbloggade why do German people reply to English and other non-German questions in German? I was interested in the discussion but I almost gave up when I saw the replies. I can see the OP is German and I may know him, but I think it's impolite to other people interested in the subject to write in a different language than the one the author posted in.

@calm_bomb OK, point taken.
But that would also apply the other way round.
That is not a bad intention. If something like that happens to me, I throw it on deepl.com and have it translated. Without reproaching the other person. I don't know what his intention was when he made the post.@hirnbloggade

@crossgolf_rebel @hirnbloggade no problem. I was really curious because it's not the first time I see this with German people. Even at my job at the big shiny corporation I see colleagues replying in German to an English speaking group.

@calm_bomb in that case, i did it because i "know" him and we otherwise spoke in german.
Yes, I will try to take this into consideration next time. Learned something again without pain 👍

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