That will fall back to recurrent notification fetches.
Push notifications work but it needs some extra work for the Fdroid version. It's described on our site.
@M @crossgolf_rebel

Doesn't work on my phone. It's related to the fact, that I use the fdroid version?
@pixelcode @crossgolf_rebel

I tried, this one, when fedilab disabled the push notification.

Maybe I didn't understand all. (non native English speaker)
But I still dont get it why I have to create an account at a unknown (strange? 🤷) service.
@pixelcode @crossgolf_rebel

We offered gotify.fedilab.app/ for helping. That the messaging server that will handle push notifications to push it inside the app.
That's what Google FCM does but it's free and open source.
@pixelcode @crossgolf_rebel


Maybe a bug?
I just faved and shared the post.
I don't see it in the new app, but I see it in the old app when I go to the post that I did it.

Also, how and where do I set the control question whether I want to share/fav?


Maybe an instance thing?
More characters seem to be allowed on it and maybe its config is modified differently?

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