@crunchy There's actually a website with some cities and the keys needed in each one. There are 3d models so you can 3d print them: publicadcampaign.com/PublicAcc

but won't they then change how adspaces work?
@crunchy My very favourite part about this is "you will need: hi-vis jacket"

People need to understand just how powerful a tool that is.

They're the most ironic piece of clothing ever created. They're intended to make you more visible, but in practice, they render you *invisible.*

£3 from any DIY shop can get you the one disguise that will cause people to overlook ANYTHING you do in public. Picking a lock in regular clothes? You're a thief. Picking a lock in a hi-vis? You're a locksmith, obviously.

The stratified, hierarchial, pro-gentrification society turned the hi-vis into a uniform of the working class, a signifier that says "I am little and do not matter."

So this is exactly what they deserve to get for doing so.
@DetectiveHyde @crunchy Well, it’s something that is part of social engineering.
What you do can look odd but if it’s not too odd enough then it’s okay, could be just something the lambda person doesn’t understand.
And then you get the current organisational mess where no one knows what’s actually going on in general, which is just awesome for doing this kind of thing.
@lanodan @crunchy Just to throw this out there: even better are the full-body hi vis suits that roadworkers and the like wear. Buy one, cover it in oil and grease and filth, and NOBODY WILL WANT TO BE ANYWHERE NAER YOU, TO LOOK YOU IN THE EYE, ANYTHING.

And if they ever have to describe you to the police? they'll say "uh...... they were.... wearing a... hi vis suit...."

It's genius for, paradoxically, the same reason that bank heist masks are genius. By using clowns, or rubber masks of dead Presidents or whatever, anyone describing you won't even be thinking about any legitimate identifiers they saw, they'll just say "He was... Ronald Reagan...?"

@lanodan @DetectiveHyde @crunchy and the rulling class will shit in their pants if they see hundred of high-vis jacket at the same place and same time :D
In the end, what looked like a shitty gift turned to be the best gift ever x)

@crunchy I love the simplest idea of "No, thank you" stickers. It's important to refuse <whatever bullshit> politely.

@crunchy This is a thing of utter beauty.

Completely lightning up my old, art school, self-referential, Magritte- and Duane Michals-loving synapses, too

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