@hund @liaizon “We also intend to provide a comprehensive set of guidelines for UI and UX design. Developing a client was never just about the protocol. In fact in most cases the protocol is a secondary concern. Having a concrete set of guidelines will help to provide a more uniform user experience between different applications, ensuring they use the same terminology, and provide interoperable feature sets.”

Good shit

I want Pixelfed to have the best Group implementation just to prove we can.

It took us so long to federate and get taken seriously, so I'm going all out on this. Can't wait to show you guys!

Joining a group is cheap, leaving one isn't.

That's why I decided to make it harder than clicking a button.

I want people to know exactly what it means, and give them time to consider the action. #pixeldev #groups #pixelfed

The Decentralized Identifier Working Group has just published a Proposed Recommendation of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) v1.0. Comments are welcome through 31 August 2021 -> w3.org/blog/news/archives/9179

“Social networks are composed of relationships between people, not content.

If you deleted every tweet from Twitter, people would just resume tweeting tomorrow.

Severing all follow relationships would be much more disruptive.”


“We’re no longer a photo-sharing app or a square photo-sharing app.”

The end of an era, Instagram is now focusing primarily on video.

We're still here, and more dedicated than ever to our mission of creating an ethical photo-sharing platform.

[Image] if you spend too much time regretting the paths you didn’t take in the past, you might miss the many paths still ahead

Just to keep nagging you all: we are hosting a webinar about #LinkedData this Monday June 21st. R&D projects funded by the Next Generation Internet initiative like @pukkamustard's openEngiadina and DREAM, Crust Tech's Corteza and the Nextcloud-Solid app PDS Interop will present their work and discuss the future of semantic web and metadata technology. We kick off at 9.30 CEST, no registration or signup is required to join, just hop in the room and join in -> nlnet.nl/events/20210621/Linke 🙌 👋

Mastodon should have something like a patreon built in to make it easy to donate to creators, the instance, and the larger mastodon project.

Let's say you decide to give $5 a month to a creator.

There could be an option to give 100% of the money to the creator (minus processing fees) But also let you choose to give a percentage to the instance the creator is in, the instance you are in, and/or the mastodon project itself.

Anyone else agree that this could be a good feature to have?

How to mobilize against kleptocratic national governments?

„City Alliances!“

claims Gergely Karácsony, who will probably be leading the opposition against FIDESZ in spring 2022.


ActivityPub for Administrations

Posting presentation slides of our #SocialHub EC event 19 April

Be sure to join the next #ActivityPub events on 26 and 29 April.

The recording recording and agenda are at:



I'm happy that I'll be part of two meetings this month in front of the EU Commission talking about decentralized social networks and the work we've done socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/

I believe this conversation is an important one to have, and I'd like to expand on why below.

Me leaving corporate social networks, being on Mastodon 

I'm still on Instagram right now, but I hope to leave that platform eventually, too.
I won't be adding new corporate social platforms, too. The allure is there, but the kick out may give me to be there is payd with my data, and in many cases my money.
The thing I'm looking for the most is not the next hyped kick, it's genuine connection to other human beings, to create, to learn, to change. I find that here now than anywhere else.

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Anyway if you're wondering what you've been missing on Twitter, today Twitter started instantly autobanning anyone who said the word "Memphis" and did not figure out what had happened and fix it for like six hours

The entire time people were experimentally tweeting "Wait, do you really get banned if you say 'Memphis'?" and getting banned

Some of you asked me if I had a Patreon: it’s now the case! 😄


The received funds will be mainly used to cover hosting costs and illustrators’ commissions for nice visuals for the software I’m developing. 😉

Please consider the 1$ membership, as having a lot of small donators would be a nice demonstration of your interest and support. 🙂

Would a #BirdsiteLIVE integration be nice? 😁
It will be released in the next minor version of #Sengi! 🙂

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