Demokratie = Ein politisches System in dem das Volk durch Wahlen und/oder Abstimmungen an der Gesetzgebung, Verwaltung und Gerichtsbarkeit teil hat und sich durch den täglichen Kampf gegen Faschismus aufrecht erhält.

Ich glaub die Definition ist akkurater als alle Demokratiedefinitionen die ich bisher in PoWi gelesen hab.

New essay: Seven theses on the Fediverse and the becoming of FLOSS

Recently, @rra and I have been working on an essay highlighting questions about the #Fediverse and how these are getting entangled with #FLOSS practices. From software production to structure and governance within alternative social media, online communities and politics.

The text follows a multi theses model, to map the different things we've been looking at and publish the current state of our research.

It is the closing chapter of a new publication from INC/Transmediale (

PDF of the text:

Feedback welcome. We're planning to publish an online version with more references!

@eest9 which Collaborative Texteditor do you prefer at the moment?

Btw: I’m listening to last weeks Radiokolleg and I can totally recommend

Man kann übrigens Mastodon-Konten auch via RSS-Feed folgen. Dafür muss einfach .rss an die Konto-URL angehängt werden. Für mein Konto also bspw. so:

Geht ebenfalls, wenn man nach einem Hashtag filtern möchte:


CC @ddeimeke

hi! I'm interested in account migration / user mobility in the

and while we're at it, let's also build a robust bridge for people to easily migrate from birdsites/twitter

[BREAKING] Leaked Facebook emails reveal "number one threat" to its platform: decentralized platforms.


Übrigens hat sich @epicenter_works mal angesehen wie eine gute Platformreguleirung aus grundrechtlicher Sicht aussehen würde. Bald schlägt ja die EU-Kommission den Digital Services Act vor in dem es exakt darum gehen wird.

Um diesen Vorschlag von Beginn an mitgestalten zu können bitte ich euch darum etwas zu verbreiten, insbesondere mit relevanten Akteuren zu teilen.

@jinxx cooler Aufruf zur Föderation bei der <3

Und danke für den Plug für meinen Vortrag am Freitag 🙂

Re: Fridays: ich hab's an meinem Neffen weitergeleitet, der ist dort im Tech Team aktiv. Darf er Dich mit Fragen belästigen?

Made an update over at my Patreon account: "ActivityPub Conference and much more"

It's also on my blog if you prefer

As you can see, a lot is happening. Thanks to all of those who are donating; funding this work is very difficult, but I know that donating can also be difficult. I usually work about 60 hours a week towards user freedom; I hope you can see that I am trying to make good use of your donations.

We prepared your next In-flight Entertainment :
#apconf Intro, 2 keynotes, 9 talks featuring unique delight by @cwebber and others -->


Happy Landing and spread the word.

#ActivityPub Conference #Video
#Federation #awesome

I'm really happy that all the videos from #apconf are now available on #ConfTube, a #PeerTube instance dedicated to conference and community events: @apconf

During #ActivityPubConf #apconf : What are the downsides of #ocaps ?
@cwebber : Well, they can be delegated really easily (but so can ACLs by proxy so ACLs are misleading)

me (in my head) : noooo, ACLs are difficult to delegate in practice and that's what counts. BUT ocaps can also be made difficult to delegate by requiring each action to be signed using a key that is also used for other things !

It's inspiring to see so many sparkling eyes, so many different people genuinely do their best to try to change the world. I've heard this phrase countless times in startup pitches and it always seemed empty. I didn't hear it once today but it was in the air and it was filled to the brim with meaning, with hard work, with dreams. I'm extremely honored to be among this crowd and thanks all for the hard work!

#APConf #ActivityPubConf

So much wonderful stuff yesterday at #apconf between Mark Miller's keynote and the really truly wonderful unconference sessions.

It'll take a while for me to unpack it all, but I'll write it up soon!

notes from the session at can be found on this etherpad page:

thx to @cwebber for moderation and @sl007 for the etherpad

here are the notes for the session on "Fediverse DID integration" at

please add contact details at the top if you want to stay informed on this topic, or follow @cypherhippie

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