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talk about other people behind their backs, but only tell good things about them.

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Yes, of course I could do it with machines instead of hand tools. But then the piece would be perfect without a single flaw, and where's the fun in *that*?

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Plants are awesome. You just cut off a part of them, stick it into the soil, and ✨ you get a new plant. Imagine if people could do that.

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I guess it's time for .

I'm a mostly harmless person living in , .

My current job is working with and on , in my spare time I'm involved in @stratum0, our . Other interests include , and learning languages for fun – I'm fluent in and , can also understand and , and read a lot of other scripts to some extent. Mi ankaŭ provas studi la ​n.

The temple ruins seemed thoroughly plundered, but after days of searching, they found a hidden room. Inside, they found a book.
"Cool! Can you read it?"
"Maybe, let me... Oh no!"
"What? Is it cursed?"
"It's a library book."
"Centuries late."
"Oh no!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Murphy's Law of Debugging: the epiphany of how a piece of code works comes right after you asked a colleague who wrote said piece of code, but before their answer.

Für euch (aus Versehen) getestet: die Polizeisirene passt harmonisch sehr gut zu Muse – City of Delusion.

ist bestimmt für die Schaffner und Zugbegleiter auch schwierig, die ganzen Leute nur anhand ihrer Masken und Frisuren auseinanderzuhalten

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Irgendwie ignorieren mich die Schaffner im ICE immer. 🤷

Hey, you know what makes posts more accessible?

not writing them in one long run on word salad without any punctuation capitalization or other indication that you are moving from one idea or sentence to another or stopping and pausing for emphasis and differentiating meanings based on such cues

This advice is not only for increased accessibility for users who rely on screen readers. It also helps those who have difficulty with reading and comprehension due to a host of other reasons. Be kind.

"Guck mal, da!"
"Nee, wo mein Auge hinzeigt."
"Keine Sorge, die Menschen sind eingezäunt."

Dieses Schwalben-im-Flug-erwischen, kann es nicht lassen, ihr kennt das... hier eine von gestern Abend.

would really love if every single white person just got over the idea that sometimes people who aren't white are going to deliberately withhold information from them

it's not necessarily because we don't like you or distrust you or don't respect you

it's because sometimes shit is not for you to know, understand, or participate in, and you can go somewhere else to work on your own issues with why that makes you feel bad

(not related to any recent fedi thing, i'm just a grumpy asian today)

while unloading I noticed that part of the wood was still alive.
(cn: caterpillar)

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Rant, e-Roller 

Kann man nicht mal eine empfindliche Strafgebühr einführen für alle E-Roller, die auf Rad- oder Gehwegen abgestellt oder liegen gelassen werden? Am besten direkt auf die Anbieter abwälzen, die finden dann doch sicher schnell eine technische Lösung dafür, und die Benutzerdaten haben sie ja eh.

Empfehlungen für einen Wanderrucksack mit Laptopfach? :boost_ok:

I guess I'll have to add this hand saw to the everyday-carry of my cargo bike 😬
(sometimes you get lucky and the amount of good oak boards at the home improvement store is bigger than the allowable load that the bike can carry…)

Theresa Bäuerlein

Wenn du an die letzten fünf Jahre zurückdenkst: Wie oft hast du deine Meinung bei etwas geändert, das dir wirklich wichtig war? Was war es und was gab dafür den Ausschlag? Hintergrund meiner Frage ist eine aktuelle Recherche. Wenn du dazu beitragen möchtest, schreib mir gerne an

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