I guess it's time for .

I'm a mostly harmless person living in , .

My current job is working with and on , in my spare time I'm involved in @stratum0, our . Other interests include , and learning languages for fun – I'm fluent in and , can also understand and , and read a lot of other scripts to some extent. Mi ankaŭ provas studi la ​n.

Uhm. I never would have guessed that introductions were so popular. Ohai to all new followers :3

@SevenOfNein basically: you write some text file describing your finances and let your accounting program do the rest. no binary database required.

@daniel_bohrer Yeah, this is a new #OpenStreetMap instance (in English). 🙂 Free free to join or follow or what. 🙂

There's also for francophonia.

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