The fact that browsers implement tracking prevention and a distraction-free reading mode tells a lot about the general state of the web.

@daniel_bohrer So does the fact that half the effing web disses your browser for wanting to stay clean


And that websites increasingly show people using Reader mode a ToS instead of the desired article; adding to the message, ‘we really don’t want you using the web anymore’.

@daniel_bohrer Well, it's also where that stuff belongs. I think the causality is reversed: the state of the web is because it took so long for them to start offering those features.

Our browsers haven't been working for us as users but have been driven by what developers of corporate web sites pushed for. Only now are browsers shifting back to a user focus.

@daniel_bohrer OTOH, isn't it the case that if users were defenseless, sooner or later someone would try to implement some tracking?
Aren't defenses against those things inevitable, similarly to how it's inevitable that human bodies have defenses against harmful bacteria and viruses?

@Wolf480pl @daniel_bohrer

Meanwhile, native apps have ads and annoying distracting layouts without an easy way for a user to do anything about it

@0x1C3B00DA @daniel_bohrer
With native apps which are free software, you can patch the source code before building and installing the app, to remove any such annoyances.
There are also other defenses, like distro repos, which may refuse to package user-hostile software, or put a warning on it.

Web and apps are very different.
You know what app you're installing before you install it.
OTOH, web is full of links, and you visit 100s of different websites a day, w/o knowing what you'll see.

@Wolf480pl @daniel_bohrer
I said an easy way. For most users, that's not easy or even an option.

And yes, the web is full of links you can't know about until you visit. That's why those security consideration are built into the browser.

My point isn't that one is better than another, just that both methodologies have tradeoffs.
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