Friendly reminder to please not crosspost Retweets etc. from Twitter on Mastodon.

@kunsi why? it's useful information i don't find here. the RTs are actually my most popular posts...

i understand it don't look great, but that's a technical problem.

in the future the birdsite might even federate with us. would you accept that as a solution for this problem?

i'm still also active on twitter because many valuable posts are there. some interesting people are not here (yet)

@davidak Federated Retweets would be okay.

Currently it's just people posting "RT someone". with no way to interact with the original author, so no way to (for example) ask futher questions.

@kunsi in my posts is also a link to the original tweet, so you can go to twitter and ask questions there if you have an account. Sure that's far from perfect, but is not sharing valuable information here the best solution? I'm still not convinced after some discussions about this.

Unless other social networks federate with us, there will be no good solution. And we can't expect that happening.

So ignoring them might be the only solution. I also won't accept FB/Insta reposts...

@kunsi would it be ok to post here:

"i found some interesting information on the internet"

cite the good part of a tweet

and end with:

source/via <link to birdsite>

like any other website?

It is important to me to mention the source and acknowledge the author.

Thanks for the reminder and discussing it again!

@davidak Would work for me, can't tell about others.


@kunsi @davidak would work for me too. just like you would do with any other website than Twitter.

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