@frumble @daniel_bohrer I'd say asciidoctor makes it even worse than markdown, as it claims to be able to do a lot more

@carl @daniel_bohrer I can think of a lot of things but let's not go there ;)

@daniel_bohrer I just had to do documentation in corporate design. After fighting with Word for hours, I switched to pandoc+Markdown+LaTeX. So far no regret. 🙂

(and that's on Windows 10!!!)

@palpares @lthms what about Linotype machines?
(sorry, never used either one.)

@daniel_bohrer IMHO :
- #Markdown is too limited with multimedia (specify picture size?)
- Word/LibreOffice are too buggy when laying out text + pictures
- #Latex is too complicated.

@tuxicoman @daniel_bohrer IMHO there are also other popular formats that aren't that limited as markdown: #restructuredtext , #asciidoc ...

I guess it's a good decision to elaborate first which kind of featureset you will need for your document and then pick a format. Knowing that it can be converted by pandoc later on ...

@blub @tuxicoman sadly pandoc cannot concert asciidoc yet, and its reStructuredText reader is really lacking some key features compared to python-docutils. So with pandoc, I think the only reasonable choice is really pandoc's dialect of Markdown (maybe interspersed with LaTeX snippets). You can enhance the output (e.g. to specify sizes for images) by inventing additional syntax inside Markdown and making a pandoc filter to parse it.

@blub @tuxicoman correction: pandoc can write asciidoc, but not read it.

@daniel_bohrer @lthms I'm not advocating text processors for academic writing, but a) I'm surprised to see a person who doesn't know about LibreOffice in 2019 b) I haven't seen a .doc/.docx file that fails to plausibly open in LibreOffice Writer for a long time (macros are beside the point).

@daniel_bohrer You can write filters in other languages though, there's built-in Lua support with many examples over at github.com/pandoc/lua-filters

@wasamasa yes, I know. But last I remembered, pandoc couldn't parse roles in rST documents and ignored them altogether, so they didn't even show up in the abstract syntax tree, and filters couldn't use this info. But this was a while ago, maybe that has changed.

@wasamasa oh wait, different thread context :D
Yes, I usually also use Lua only for short filters, and do everything more complex with panflute in Python, which I feel more at home with :)

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