Woah, TIL that there are so-called fractal vises for clamping irregularly shaped items! (The picture doesn't explain it very well, you have to watch it in motion! It's in the first 30 seconds of the video:)

I'll mute this thread now in order to unclog my notifications column… 😛

@Xjs this satisfies my mechanical, geometrical, and computer sciencey selfs.

@daniel_bohrer This is not what I expected.

I thought the vise is going to consist of individual blocks that are to be moved manually with something like long M3 bolts.

Approximating the shape with Riemann sum, but this is way more clever.

@drahflow this tool is used to trace existing profiles in order to reproduce them (e.g. mouldings or baseboards, see the product pictures), I don't think you can use it for clamping… (and we also have this tool in the space somewhere 🙂)

@daniel_bohrer "Clamping function" yeah, but not for clamping other things. m(

@daniel_bohrer I love how that example predates the coining of the word “fractal” by 50 years

@daniel_bohrer Handtools restore is one of my favorite channel on YT, and it's the first time I see a fractal vice 👍

@daniel_bohrer There's also something called "oil filter wrench" that is a wrench for irregularly shaped items, for example a difficult to open jar

@robbystk yes, right! you can also see it on the mars rovers, and on horse-drawn carriages, where it's called a whippletree. It's a very useful mechanism to distribute load while still being adjustable.

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