Journaling, meta 

You should be clear about why you want to get into the habit of and adjust your method accordingly.

I wanted to have a lasting record of my daily life and switched from calenders/preprinted planners to some form of -ing. I create a memento on the go, without extra work. I just changed the way I cross off tasks (leaving them visible when crossed off) and started collecting notes where I also keep my Dates and Appointments.

Journaling, meta /2 

Additionally I always kept my diary, but not to remember events (now I have my for that) but to reflect and clear/gather my thoughts.

A can be many things but it should always and first and foremost serve your needs.

Journaling /3 (very personal +) 

And I totally forgot to tell you!!!

I finished my - it's full!! I bought it in 2007 (I think) and used it since 2012.... This means there is a document... And in there my whole process (started 2012, published 2019) and my marriage (First wedding 2013, second 2015...) and my motherhood (K1 2014, K2 2017)... All in this one vintage(! It was already old when I bought it) .

Wow. (0.0)

Journaling /4 (very personal +) 

And btw this is it. Not fancy and very faded already (but it really was already old when I bought it).



Journaling /4 (very personal +) 

@Julia_Schmeer wow, it seems to be in good shape, no creases or bends on the corners!

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