Guten Morgen! gleich geht es los auf den Brocken! 😊

Das Wetter ist… akzeptabel. Wenigstens ist es dann oben nicht so voll 😁

Hmm. Der Nebel geht auch nicht weg, wenn man "marco polo" sagt.


And then there were these beauties of trumpet after the rain
(does this still count as …?)

The correct hashtag for the image replied to in here is, of course,

Nope, lichens are emphatically not mosses. However, it is a lovely photo.

@fitheach I know. That was more like "I'm missing an established hashtag for this!" 🙂

@daniel_bohrer aren't lichens mushrooms? Then, why not the spore hashtag? no spores? 🤔
I don't know enough about lichen :')

but, beautiful series of photos, thanks ✨

@alexq hmm yes, they are a symbiosis of algae and fungi, and often reproduce through spores, and also often vegetatively, so the hashtag could fit

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