Die Victoria-Seerose im botanischen Garten blüht wieder, und kann heute und morgen (13.-14. August) bis 22:00 bewundert werden :)

There is an exhibition "We are pArt of culture" at my local train station in , which shows that LGBTTIQ people have always existed, and introduces examples of well-known people in history.

For example, I learned of a theory that Queen Christina of Sweden was intersexual. The famous surgeon James Barry lived his adult life as a transgender man to be able to study medicine. And Chevalier d'Éon, a French spy and fencer, whose sex is not known, but who lived as both female and male.

I'm happy to see my voluntary work being used productively by our local transport company ☺️

… 14 Stunden später ist im Fahrradmeer natürlich nichts mehr davon zusehen.

Freie Fahrradstellplätze am Hauptbahnhof! Dass ich das noch erleben darf! :3

I guess it's time for .

I'm a mostly harmless person living in , .

My current job is working with and on , in my spare time I'm involved in @stratum0, our . Other interests include , and learning languages for fun – I'm fluent in and , can also understand and , and read a lot of other scripts to some extent. Mi ankaŭ provas studi la ​n.


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