Makers! Linux users! What is your preferred tool to generate G-Code for CNC machines? Is there anything good that is free software?

"Ach, da muss doch nur ein anderer Siebdruck drauf, und dann können wir das auch außerhalb der USA verkaufen." .

Me: Division of labour is a great concept because it enables me to specialise in a particular field and thereby furthering the development of humanity as a whole, instead of spending a significant amount of my time to bake my own bread, sew my own shirts, and build a bed for me to sleep in.

Also me: instead of buying all those things, it sounds much more interesting if I learned how to bake bread or sew a shirt or make furniture by myself.

Is using CNC machines and pocket holes "cheating" at ?
(well, by phrasing it like that, you can probably guess what is coming in that video ^^)

Bought a cheap set of leather tools on the internet. Best thing about them so far: they were pretty easy to fix.

Auf Amazon, Google und Ebay nach Gürteltaschen aus Leder suchen, aber keine in der richtigen Abmessung finden, dafür aber Lederreste und ein Werkzeuge zur Lederbearbeitung… 🤔
Ist Makersniping schon ein Wort?

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