well you know why they're called miters, right? because you always wish they mighter've been better…

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After removing the waste with a router plane (I was unsmart and made the grooves just under 4 mm, and my smallest chisel is 4 mm… luckily I have a ⅛" (3.175 mm) iron for the router), now it is to beveling every corner by hand… 8×8×4 times…

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precise sawing to 3 mm depth with a temporary fence out of plywood and carpet tape

TILs while using a plough plane for the first time 

1️⃣ The maximum fence distance is limited.
2️⃣ In my case, it was too small.
3️⃣ A straight piece of plywood makes for a reasonably good auxiliary fence.
4️⃣ Anyway, after starting the groove, a fence is not really necessary, and the cutter stays inside the groove just fine.
5️⃣ The fence is perfectly suited for pushing the plane, even when turned upside down.

It seems to me that I'm spending more time making jigs than working on the project… 😅 Today: a jig for planing thin walnut stock to thickness.

Today's project: a shooting board for 44.61 degree miters (I'll have to shim it a bit tomorrow 😁)

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Making a woodblock print, from start to finish in real time (3½ hours): youtube.com/watch?v=0nCbsbaVbV

And I also highly recommend checkout out the rest of David's channel!

I totally missed that Christopher Schwarz's book "The Anarchist's Workbench" is currently free to download as a PDF: lostartpress.com/products/the-

So it has come to this. List price for this product is 110€ (if it would be available). The market is going nuts.

Me: "Hmm, I wonder if this 1.8*60*50 cm oak board will hold all the 25 kg of my hand planes"
Me: *does the math*
Math: "you can put about 1 metric ton on this board before it breaks."

Bought a subscription to the Woodworking Masterclasses video library yesterday. It's like Netflix, but with Paul Sellers as the single main character. 😁

I think in my whole life I've cut myself more often on sharply planed edges of wood than on the sharp tools themselves…

money, woodworking 

Dictum.com, today 01:00: "Veritas Combination Plane is available for order again"

Me, 14:00: "FINALLY \o/ 😍 🤑"
*starts throwing things into shopping cart*

Dictum.com, today 15:00: "
Item not available until further notice."

Me: … 😞

Veritas planes are certainly hard to come by these days…

I… just… wow… what ideas people come up with during lockdown.

Corset made of cedar strips: youtube.com/watch?v=lEvSG3_pvL

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