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Ich hatte das neulich schon mal gefragt, bisher erfolglos - aber ihr wisst bestimmt was: Für eine Recherche suche ich ein Unternehmen, das schonmal einen Schadensfall über eine Cyberversicherung abgewickelt hat (oder das gerade tut). Gerne anonymisiert!

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is your laptop dangerous due to housing a sentient malicious program? and/or do you want it to look like it is?

I've updated my SCP-style laptop sticker generator with a new five-armed spiral galaxy design, with such amazing features as:
- looks more evil
- more thematic to the SCP universe
- no longer looks like a swastika at a glance (even though the old one wasn't even clockwise)
- now 100% copyright infringement free
- something else i'm sure

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Xiaomi Mijia Video Glasses- Unboxing, Test & Review

I test the new $380 Mijia head-mounted display & camera with my girlfriend Kaidi😊 tends to restrict videos that show me and my partner, so RTs are always helpful🙏🏻

another statue from Innsbruck cemetery, another one from the "extremely goth" category. I love how corrosion has created an additional layer to the statue! 2022_19 📷 <>

portrait of the best dog. His name is Louis and he's part husky and part something with _much_ shorter legs. Which makes him extremely cute! 2022_18 📷 <>

couldn't pass up the chance to take a picture of what is probably "Innsbrucks skyline" since the light was hitting it so beautifully. 2022_17 📷 <>

finally took a picture of this extremely goth monument in Innsbrucks main cemetery (it's a monument for all the graves that were cleared/moved when the old cemetery was closed in 1873); 2022_16 📷 <>

on a drive from Vorarlberg to Tyrol, stopped on top of Arlbergpass for a quick breather and a picture; 2022_15 📷

I didn't take too many pictures in the first few months of 2022, as I mostly spent the time visiting my father in various hospitals. So here's another misdated one from the Bodaseetüfl. 2022_11 📷 <>

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I get Outed, defunded, weekly Kiwifarms and 4Chan threads, accused of everything under the sun and it's "just ignore the haters".

White tech bro- at a bare minimum, behaves incredibly inappropriately when visiting another country- "bUt hIS rEputatiOn".

Fuck off

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Ok, ich brauche eure Unterstüztung! Gestern wurde in der Mannheimer Neckarstadt mein Bike geklaut und da ich da wirklich sehr dran hänge möchte ich es wiederhaben! Also falls ihr was mitbekommt, es irgendwo rumstehen seht oder es euch vielleicht angeboten wird, gerne DM

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The entire discussion about "quiet quitting" is just company owners and managers being amazed and shocked - shocked! - that market forces should also apply to themselves, not just to others.

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