@blinry @bleeptrack
Having tumbled down three of your rabbit holes this year (with two more that I actively stoped myself from going down) I feel very called out 🙈
May I suggest some more of my past rabbit holes?
- Curly Hair
- Foraging
- Fermentation
- How to correctly format adresses acording to the UPU

@dasnessie Very good suggestions, also have been in three of those! :D @bleeptrack

@dasnessie @blinry @bleeptrack omg, I've been in that UPU rabit hole too… I remember a very big spreadsheet with routing codes or something the like, but it seems to have vanished from their page /o\

UPU Nerdsniping 

@daniel_bohrer @blinry @bleeptrack
I usually go to this site and read the country-specific documents. I mostly use it for correctly addressing postcards for /r/randomactsofcards, but it's also nice for reading about differences in address formatting :)

@dasnessie @blinry @bleeptrack This part was awesome :) I'd like to add some of my rabbit holes for your consideration:
- Train signaling and safety equipment
- Vexilology/Country flags
- Etymology and language history
- Cast iron cookware
- Conlanging

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