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Dieser vegane Aufschnitt macht mich glücklich :breaddrool:
Das Rezept gibt's hier: github.com/dasnessie/recipes/b und es stammt aus dem Käse-Kochbuch von thegentlechef.com/

Injury, decorating my orthosis 

I broke my ankle. This morning, I noticed the panel with the brand name of my orthosis can be replaced 👍

The middle mouse button on my laptop just broke… again :/ Good thing I keep hoarding my old laptop keyboards and had one spare one left!

(Please don't throw away non-broken ThinkPad middle mouse buttons…)


I randomly found cheap jute rope in a paracord shop, so now I have a new set of bondage rope, I guess? I paid 15€ for 7×8m, and just spend a few hours breaking it in.


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