So, uh *looks at calendar*, let's just call it fashionably late?
We now have pride stickers!
If you are missing your flag(s), we have a handy generator here: pride-gen.datenobservatorium.d
Get some stickers today at our open evening!

Playing around with a different logo design with lighter colors.
Inspired by the Astroneer badges (, which is a great game.

Also available in crispy svg

Wir haben vom Social Impact Lab ein Stipendium bekommen! Für uns eine super Möglichkeit unsere Ideen zu verbessern und an uns zu arbeiten. Wir konnten nicht nur die Jury sondern auch das Publikum für unser Konzept begeistern.


We got a stipend from the Social Impact Lab! A cool opportunity for us to work on ourselves and our ideas. We not only convinced the jury but also the audience. – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community