Did the media.ccc.de youtube account get hacked some 20h ago? It got renamed to "Microsoft US" and streamed an interview with Bill Gates with a very obvious BTC airdrop scam (send 0.1 and immediately get 0.2 in return). Nobody talking about it?

Damn :-( 7000 was not enough

We sold all tickets available in this presale round.


Free tier ProtonVPN - unable to get it working in Ubuntu, but works surprisingly well on Android

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another big step towards more privacy: after booking a flight ticket I decided to check the cookies and delete the ones related to the airline, so they don't charge me more next time. Noticed way too many other unrelated cookies. A voice in my head said "Whitelisting the sites I actually use might be the proper way to do this". So there it is. My browser no longer accepts cookies, except for the 12 domains I actually use.

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idea for a movie script? (moon landing, alternate reality) 

1967: NASA doubts they'll get to the moon in time, so they decide to play it safe & hire a team to fake it. Director is kind of a perfectionist, takes them 1½ year for a script, scout for locations etc., always asking for more budget. So NASA cancels the movie & invests in more research, getting to the moon in time. Perfectionist director makes the film nevertheless on their own, then leaks it to the press. Worldwide confusion.

I like to ... you like to... !!
How could I have missed this project before?

somebody took Black Mirror S03E01 and understood it as a tutorial, not as a warning: mylife.com/

yeah, reading through all the posts tagged for 4 hours paid off... I'm heeeeere


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